Here at Balance Fitness and Wellness LLC, we believe that involvement and unity of different businesses in our community is the key to providing the necessary services for our members in order to help them live their best lives. Below is a list of business partners that Balance Fitness is proud to be working along side with in providing wellness and promoting healthier lifestyles for those in our community.

local gym glendale wi

Located in Glendale and host to Balance Fitness. The MCC is home to Heather Haviland's Endurance Coaching Program for swimmers, bikers, and runners as well as open rides for those looking to log a few miles in inclement weather.

Cedar Creek Counseling

Located in Mequon, WI, Cedar Creek Counseling offers therapy and emotional processing methods, collaborative couples therapy, personal consulting, and traditional therapy.

Integrative Psyche

Located in West Allis, WI, Integrative Psyche maintains a philosophy of striving to help individuals integrate the various parts of their psyche in part by offering integrative psychotherapeutic services.

MAT - Body Activation

Located in Mequon, WI, MAT - Body Activation offers a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion within the human body.

Karen Tait

Located in Glendale, WI, Karen Tait, D.T. has helped countless members of our community lose weight and keep it off. She is a trusted source of nutrition guidance for Balance Fitness members.