nutrition coaching glendale wi

Lifestyle is one of the single greatest determinants of the quality of our health. At balance, we harness the power of lifestyle medicine through health, coaching to help you figure out what's most important to you and how to act in alignment with those values. We will assess your sleep, stress, nutrition, physical activity, and substance use and help you determine where changes need to be made and then support you while you put in the work.

Our process of health coaching partners with you as your own expert and helps you carve out time to envision what is most important to you and what that's going to look like. We will then set goals that are directed by you and work collaboratively to leverage your resources and break down your barriers to help you realize your best self.

For those with aches and pains, we use a laser, focused exercise prescription to help you find the right entry point to safely move in a way that feels good for you in Glendale, WI.

Weight loss is about consuming fewer calories than your body needs to sustain weight. It starts with creating the right food environment around you. Then we will teach you the strategies to create a caloric deficit in a safe and healthy way by focusing on nutrient density and a lower glycemic load.

If weight loss, is your focus, we will help you make nutritional changes that are sustainable for the long-haul. No crash, dieting or deprivation or focus is on you and the consumption of wholesome food to get the nutrients you need."